About Geraldine

Geraldine Crumpton is a Transformational Therapist, Theta Healer, 
Counsellor and Spiritual Teacher based in the Northern Rivers area of N.S.W., Australia.

In her early 20s, she had a profound, near-death experience that initiated her onto her spiritual path. It created within her an intense desire to explore those deeper, hereto unknown, wounded parts of herself and to find ways to heal and transform them. This led to her discovering and training in Rebirthing Breathwork and she went on to assist on many of Sondra Ray’s groundbreaking LRT Breathwork events.


Her amazing healing journey then took her to many different places - including living and working in New Zealand for 3 years and then to the United States for 12 years, where she personally experienced many of the different modalities available in this field. As a result of her studies, she learned EFT Tapping and became certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rebirthing Breathwork, Psych-K, and Theta Healing.

Since returning to Australia in 2008, Geraldine has been studying and working as a certified Theta Healing Practitioner, and in 2015 she became a certified facilitator of The Passion Test. Later in 2016, she received her Diploma in Counselling and in early 2018 she also trained to facilitate Women's Rites of Passage ceremonies. She now leads her own personal development workshops and is a co-facilitator on Women's Inner Goddess Retreats in Bali every year.

Geraldine is a compassionate elder who has walked the path of sacred service for the last 35 years. She is deeply committed to healing and transforming her own life and to share the wisdom she has garnered along the way. Having taken many descent journeys to embrace her own shadow she is well equipped to safely midwife others to transcend their own trauma and limiting past patterns of
behaviour. She has journeyed the Inner Goddess Retreat intensive and supported women of all ages & backgrounds through the process. She brings a wealth of experience and insight into her role as a spiritual teacher and group facilitator.

Geraldine feels very blessed to be able to do this amazing work and to use her divine gifts to assist others on their spiritual path Her mission is to be a sacred vessel for the
honouring and empowerment of the Divine Feminine in this world by creating a safe and loving space to enable women, and men, to transform their lives and "wake up" to the truth of who they really are. She sees her work as a Transformational Therapist is to, primarily, assist women in this process of birthing their Divine Feminine selves. 



"Geraldine is a compassionate elder who holds a safe & supportive space to revisit one's wounded aspects in order to transform past painful experiences. Personally, I found her sessions empowering as she identified a pivotal subconscious belief that had created negative self-fulfilling expectations I was previously unaware of. Her insight was liberating & enabled us to then clear this belief & the anxiety it caused using both Theta healing & EFT. I recommend her private sessions via Skype, especially for those navigating their 40's when self-healing is essential given the number of astrological transits that bring our wounds to the surface to be transformed."

Tanishka, The Moon Woman