Frequently Asked Questions


Theta Healing is a spiritual, physical and emotional healing technique conducted whilst the practitioner and the client are in a theta brainwave state. This is where you are awake but feel deeply relaxed (like being in meditation). In this state you are able to easily access, and gracefully release, old limiting beliefs and painful feelings stored in the subconscious and replace them with positive, more empowering ones. ThetaHealing relies upon the unconditional love of "The Creator Of All That Is" to do the actual healing work.


Where did THETA HEALING come from ?
Theta Healing was discovered in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, an American naturopath and massage therapist, when she used it to heal herself of cancer. For more of her story go to

Do I need to believe in God for THETA HEALING to work ?

In order for Theta Healing to work you have to believe that there is some form of higher power or consciousness, whether you call it Creator, God, Universal Consciousness or Source, that we are all connected to and that has the power to heal us. In Theta Healing we refer to this power as the "Creator Of All That Is". Theta Healing is a spiritual healing practise. It is not based on, or connected to, any religion.


What is a THETA Brainwave ? 
During a normal day we all move through various states of consciousness. Sometimes we are awake and alert, other times we are meditative and relaxed, and usually we end our day in a state where we are asleep and dreaming. Each of these states has a unique pattern of brainwaves associated with it. These brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain and fall into four general classes: Beta, Alpha,Theta and Delta. Theta Waves are associated with dreaming, creativity,increased learning and the process of working through emotional stress. It is also the state where behaviour and belief system changes can be more easily made.
Neurothechnology and biofeedback researcher, Thomas Budzynski,described the Theta state as: "...... a transition zone between wakefulness and sleep in which one can absorb new information in an uncritical, non-analytical fashion. Thus, information leading to a change in self-concept would become more available; modification of habitual behaviours or consideration of one's belief system could occur more easily if alternatives were presented during a period of Theta activity." In this state, Budzynski says,"a lot of work gets done very quickly". Theta Healing uses the power of the Theta state to create deep and long lasting change.

How can THETA HEALING help me ?

Your subconscious beliefs are creating results in your life whether you realise it or not. They establish the limits on what you can achieve. If you aren't experiencing great relationships, high self-esteem, success in your career,prosperity,good health and a feeling of happiness and fulfilment it is because you have beliefs that are sabotaging you. Theta Healing is able to easily and quickly change these beliefs at the subconscious level (where they were created) so you can be free to start living the life you want.    ______________________________________________________________

What happens in a THETA HEALING session ?   

When you come to see me for a personal session or consult with me by phone, we will discuss what area of your life you wish to change. With the assistance of the Creator Of All That Is, we will identify the sabotaging beliefs and feelings that are creating resistance and holding you back and replace them with positive ones that will enable you to make the changes you want in your life! This results in an alignment of your core beliefs with your conscious goals and removes all resistance to achieving them. Life then becomes a joyful expression of your true self, free from the burdens of the past!

How many sessions will I need ?
The amount of sessions needed will vary from person to person, and depends on the issue they are working on and what they want to accomplish. Many times clients will experience a shift within one session, however sometimes the belief systems around the issue are more complex and need deeper belief work done over a few sessions to achieve their desired change. However, the number of Theta Healing sessions required to address issues is a fraction of those required by traditional counseling. On an average 3-4 sessions are usually enough to completely change an issue.

How quickly will I notice changes from a THETA HEALING session ?   

Experience shows that clients are able to change lots of beliefs in one session, and many see immediate changes in attitude and behaviour. The results of a session may be felt instantaneously or may evolve over time (hours, days or weeks). Some issues require working through multiple layers. Releasing the fears that are preventing you from taking action on a goal are sometimes felt right away, however, manifesting certain goals (such as finding your life's purpose or losing weight) may require additional sessions and action.  


Is there anything I need to do before I come for a session ? 
To speed up the process and to make sure you get the most from your Theta Healing session, it is a good idea to spend some time thinking about what area/s of your life you want to change and to clarify your goals for that area/s beforehand. To make that process easier, I have provided a questionnaire for you to fill out (see "Where Do I Begin" page). NB. This is just a tool to help you focus, don’t concern yourself if you are having problems with it - I can support you in the session getting clear on what you would like to create in your life. It is also important to be fully hydrated - so drink plenty of water before and after your session. But the most important thing of all is to come into the session with an intention of wanting, and being ready for, positive change. The more committed you are to changing the things that are no longer working for you, the faster you will see results in your life.



Is there any difference between doing a session in person or over the phone ?
Distance has no effect on the Theta Healing process, therefore a session over the phone is as powerful and effective as one done in person. If you are doing a phone session it is important to have a quiet place where you can relax and where you won't be disturbed.


How much does a session cost and how long does it last ? 
Sessions normally last one hour, with the exception of the first session which can take a little longer (allow an extra 15 minutes). All sessions cost $100 USD, however, there is a discount of $50 if you pay for 3 sessions in advance. All sessions need to be paid for in advance of the session.