What Is Theta Healing


THETA HEALING can assist you in any area of your life, 
      such as :

Losing Weight
Finding your life's purpose  
Improving your relationships
Increasing your confidence 
Creating abundance and prosperity
Improving your health and wellbeing
Recovering from grief or loss


Theta Healing is a powerful, quick, easy and graceful way to release old feelings and beliefs stored in your subconscious. The sort of beliefs that we created very early in life as a way of feeling safe in the world – these same beliefs can also limit what we are able to experience and achieve as adults. They can limit our success in life; our ability to have loving and supportive relationships; our health and wellbeing; our feelings of confidence and self esteem.

Our beliefs create our experience of the world whether we realise it or not, and until we are willing to take responsibility for those beliefs we cannot make the changes we want in our lives.

"Until you realise that you create your experience of your world, including all happiness and all suffering, you will be at the effect end of the cause-and-effect process. You, and your experience of life, will be controlled, and at the whim of, whatever is happening around you.

Taking responsibility is not about blame, but rather about personal power. If someone or something outside of you is the cause of how you feel or behave, you are powerless - a victim. If you, or at least your unconscious processes, are at cause, you have power to do something to change the situation to one that is happier and more peaceful.

There is an underlying presupposition in our culture that it is somehow easier to be a victim, and that taking responsibility would be onerous, difficult, a struggle and too much work. I would like to put forward the idea that it is being a victim that is onerous, difficult, a struggle and too much work. Being responsible for everything that happens, and for every feeling and behaviour, is the easy way to live. It is the way to happiness, inner peace, great personal power, and a productive life."

From "Thresholds of the Mind" by Bill Harris



"When you have a belief about something (a belief is only a thought you keep thinking) and you think about it often, and therefore keep it active in your vibration, the 'Law of Attraction' simply brings you evidence to support it (because you get what you think about whether you want it or not). And without making a decision to do something about changing the pattern of vibration that is contained within those beliefs, nothing can change in your experience."      

                                                                                                           Abraham/ Hicks