Private sessions with Geraldine are available over the phone (in Australia) or via Skype. Depending upon the issue you wish to work with Geraldine can suggest the best type of session for you e.g. Rewriting your Birth Script, EFT Tapping, Theta Healing, Counselling or Coaching or a combination of any of those modalities.

How much does a session cost and how long does it last ?   
Sessions normally last one hour, with the exception of the first session which can take a little longer (allow an extra 15 minutes). All sessions cost $100 USD. However, there is a discount of $50 if you pay for 3 sessions in advance.


How do I book a session ?
You can book a private session or a block of 3 sessions (either in person, on the phone or via Skype) by filling in your details on the CONTACT page and then paying using the button below.
Payment is required in advance of the session.




" I recently received a Theta Healing session from Geraldine  in which she guided me beautifully through my inner world     and out the other side into a sense of peace and balance. Her intuition and skill were evident and I would highly recommend her to anyone with issues needing to be balanced and realigned".  

Karen Bradley, Intuitive Healer, Presenter and Coach.