"Something has definitely shifted - I felt wonderful that whole day and the next. Had some very interesting dreams which I feel was more integration from the unconscious. Great work and thank you."

Madeline Stark, Therapist.


"I am feeling the results of our session today in particular. There is definitely a "centering" inside of me that I have become aware of since yesterday. It wasnt quite there before, in the way that I am experiencing it now. I felt some things shedding away, like skin actually, on the plane ride to Los Angeles. Thank you for implementing something obviously very powerful and much needed! "

Irene Ohno, Student.


"At 60, I am feeling compelled to take a year long sojourn with an unknown plan, leaving behind most of what is familiar and safe.  Residual feelings of anxiety and depression were sabotaging this deliverance. A session with Geraldine went right to the root of the fears. I was able to rewire the programming necessary to proceed with balance, clarity and ease. Its just what I needed. Its working and Im leaving!"

Lynda Leonard, Global Networker.


"Hi Geraldine, just wanted to let you know that tomorrow will be day ten of effortlessly stopping the nicotine. Thanks so much for your help."

Mark Ridgway, Diamond Setter


"Hi Geraldine, thank you for the sessions. I am writing to let you know the results. We set out to replace my limiting beliefs with more positive, empowering beliefs and I feel this has been successful. I am more positive now. I really believe I can now do the things I want to do. I have a can-do attitude towards everything. It was great fun and we might do a few more sessions, but Ill have to try and think of some limiting beliefs to work on - right now I cant think of any !"

Len Remfrey, Stock/ Commodity Trader

"Thank you Geraldine for the brilliant healing that you gave me last week-it really knocked my socks off! I am finally, after many years, feeling fantastic and life is actually becoming a joy once again." 

Mary Louise Fetherston, Cost Engineer

"I consider myself lucky I had a chance to work with Geraldine before visiting my parents overseas. The thought of staying with my mother was bringing up considerable stress and anxiety (even after doing much work on my childhood issues).Geraldine skillfully took me through the healing process, delving deeply into the issues of the soul. The healing was instant and profound - life long issues with parental control disappeared, leaving me with an exhilarating feeling of freedom. Now, I am not only excited about my holiday, but also about the possibility of creating a new relationship with my mother and father based on love, mutual respect and forgiveness. Thank you so much Geraldine."

Dana Saitala, Theta Healer

"Geraldine is a gifted healer and Theta practitioner. After one session with Geraldine I felt empowered to change restrictive thought patterns. I urge you to contact her if you are struggling to move on in your life."

Mary Anderson, Celebrant

"Geraldine's faith and breadth of experience gave me the confidence to identify and accept the changes I was after. I feel wonderful, and through Theta Healing Geraldine has helped me to grow past things that were holding me back." 

Scott Marriott, Manager


" I recently received a Theta Healing session from Geraldine in which she guided me beautifully through my inner world and out the other side into a sense of peace and balance. Her intuition and skill were evident and I would highly recommend her to anyone with issues needing to be balanced and realigned".  

Karen Bradley, Intuitive Healer, Presenter and Coach.