Effortless Weight Loss for Women

Had it with diets that don't work?
Tired of struggling with your 
Finally fed up with constant Yo-yo d
Ready to get off the weight loss 
roller coaster
for good and try something else?
Something that really works - that will have a positive impact on your relationship with your body and to food - 
then Effortless Weight Loss is for 
We offer evening seminars, workshops, and private coaching sessions.
See below for details:

2019 Schedule of Events

Next Evening Seminars:

Date: Monday 25th February 2019.
Venue: Ocean Shores Community Centre,                  
55 Rajah Rd, Ocean Shores, NSW.                  
Next 6 Week Workshops:
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm      
                             Dates: Mondays from 11th March-15th April 2019.     
 Investment: $20                                                Venue: Ocean Shores Community Centre,
                                                                  55 Rajah Rd, Ocean Shores, NSW, Australia.       
Date: Thursday 28th February 2019.                 Time: 9:30 am - 11:45 am    
Venue: Northlakes Hall,                                      Investment: $240      
1 Mulloway Place, North Ballina, NSW.                        
Time: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm                                      Dates: Wednesdays from 13th March-17th April 2019.
 Investment: $20                                                 Venue: Northlakes Hall
                                                                  1 Mulloway Place, North Ballina, NSW, Australia.

For more information:                                    Time: 6:30 pm-8:30pm       
Call 0404 568 151                                           Investment: $240 

                               To Register: click button below and then go to the "Contact" page and fill in details. Please stipulate whether you're registering for an event at Ocean Shores or Ballina venues. Thanks.

Effortless Weight Loss

"I couldn't recommend a more compassionate, empathetic, caring, nurturing mentor to share your weight loss journey with. You deserve to reclaim a life that you were meant to live. Geraldine will help make sure you achieve that."
Anna Parkinson, Hairstylist and Counsellor.


The Passion Test Workshop


Join Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Geraldine Crumpton, for this fun, hands-on, interactive workshop guaranteed to help you create more clarity about your life purpose and passions. 

What You’ll Learn:

When you've finished this 1/2 day workshop you’ll leave with:

Your Top 5 Passions – Knowing your top 5 passions is the first step to living a meaningful, fulfilled life.
Your Passion Scores – How closely is your current life aligned with your passions? Your Passion Scores will tell you. Most people get a wake-up call about where they’ve been putting their attention after they score their top 5 passions.
Your Markers – How do you know when you are really living your passions? Your Markers will tell you. We walk you through the process of creating your Markers so you know when you’ve arrived.
7 Key Principles for Living a Passionate, Fulfilled Life – Your passionate life blueprint


"I'm 79 and I thought I knew what my passions were. But sharing them in the safety of Geraldine's workshop helped me realize I'm just beginning! That very evening I noticed that I felt just plain bigger. Thank you , Geraldine, for your joie de vivre!"
Betsy Robinson, Performer


"The passion test is life-changing, inspiring and transforming. I highly recommend it for those that are a bit lost like I was."  
Renata Carmello, Nurse