Inspiring Passion

How we come into the world really matters - it is our first experience of life and being in a body and it can effect us profoundly, especially if our birth was difficult or traumatic. What happens to us in the womb and at birth can have far-reaching consequences that shape the way we experience and see the world for the rest of our lives. Birth is where most of our beliefs about the world were formed, therefore it's important to go back and heal that initial birth trauma, thereby transforming our experience of the world.

I believe that our birth trauma/story is the most powerful wound we carry as it sets up our experience of the world - until it is healed we just keep unconsciously replaying it over and over - impacting all areas of our lives. I also believe that if we weren't able to bond with our mothers at this critical time it creates a "Mother Wound" that we then project onto all our relationships - where we are constantly looking outside ourselves to others to love and nurture us and which can then lead to compulsive behaviours and addictions.

The good news is that your birth script can be changed ! It is now possible to go back to the womb and birth, when beliefs were formed, and transform traumas and rewrite what happened thereby impacting profound healing on all levels. We can write a new birth script for ourselves - a beautiful one in which we feel held, loved, supported, bonded with our mothers, happy to be here in our bodies and connected to all of life.

What I do is I work with you to uncover as much of the story as we can and then we use EFT Tapping to release any residual emotional trauma which is followed by a re-imprinting process to change any old scripts that no longer serve your highest and best good and then we integrate these new learnings into every level of your being. Simply put, I support you in being able to rewrite your birth exactly the way you want it to be.


This work is for anyone who knows they have experienced birth trauma - either they have asked their mother for the details or they intuitively know what happened. It is also for mothers who are about to give birth and want to ensure that they do not carry their own birth traumas into the birthing experience.  

Please Note : The Rewriting Your Birth Script process can often be done in one session, other times it may take up to three sessions to complete the process - it is always different for everyone.



I was a little nervous going into my session with Geraldine, however thanks to her fun and gentle nature, I was soon feeling safe and supported and able to open up to the process. It was so different to anything I’d experienced previously, and there were so many ‘aha’ moments during the session and in the days and weeks after it. I truly recommend Geraldine’s service to ANYONE! We are all carrying ‘stories’ around our birth consciously or not, and this is such a beautiful way to begin addressing and reframing them.”

Jen Muir, Reiki Master and Red Tent Facilitator


"The Rewriting Your Birth Script session with Geradline was very gentle and non confronting. Within the next few days I found myself experiencing a new sense of wellbeing and increased vitality. It was also as if a weight had been lifted from me which had me walking straighter and taller interspersed with random moments of singing and dancing. I am so very grateful for this transformatinal experience."

Kerrie Ferguson, Self Employed